About Us

Peterson Angus works hard to add value to our customer's product - their calves. Take advantage of your partnership with Peterson Angus.

Beef Business Expertise

At Peterson Angus, we make our living in the cattle business, it is the only thing we do. Upon graduation from college, I (Brandon) worked as a nutritionist for feedlots and cow-calf operations while growing our herd. We understand the costs, the opportunities, and the challenges of the entire cattle industry. We know how it works, and why our genetics will work in your program. In addition to owning and operating a feedlot, my family has owned a successful commercial cow herd for over 40 years. Our industry experience helps us produce a better genetic product that will work in the real world.

Value Added Opportunities

We purchase and feed several lots of cattle every year. In addition, we help place cattle in our customer's feedlots. We have more demand than we can meet for the type of cattle our program produces. Give us a call for feeder calf marketing assistance.

DNA Testing

Peterson Angus is dedicated to providing an efficient genetic package that will help our customers cut costs and increase revenue. Using the latest technology, we provide DNA information on all of our bulls and heifers. In 2010, Peterson Angus was one of the first operations in the world to have 50K data available on their sale bulls. In 2011, we were one of only a few operations to test our entire sale offering. Since then, we have moved to an entire herd testing policy. In 2015 we tested more than 350hd of weaned calves. We use this data to increase accuracy in our EPD's, ensure parentage accuracy, and make better informed mating decisions.

Complete Data Reporting

Peterson Angus will provide all information available for you to make the best genetic investment. This includes gain information, weaning and yearling data, ultrasound data, ratios, and DNA data. We realize that it takes a lot of money to buy a good bull and we take our job seriously. We believe you need complete information to make a sound investment for your operation.

Complete Maternal Program

At calving time each year we udder score and track the maternal instinct on every cow as they calve. There are five teat and udders scores recorded, one maternal calf care score, and one score for cow/calf/human interaction. This data is compiled into a sortable database in order to not only track cows, but to provide further maternal estimates on our AI and herd sire battery.

Coat scoring

At Peterson Angus we coat score our cows every year the first week of June. This is to insure that our genetics shed out well. This data has successfully been used to help chose genetics that will work in the South on fescue pastures. Data has shown that cows that successfully slick off each year can wean calves that are more than 60lbs heavier than cows that don't completely shed their winter hair coats.

Defined and Planned Breeding

We carefully manage our cows in order to ensure you get only the best Angus Genetics available. Each cow is mated on paper prior to insemination. We then use our combination of cowboy logic to ensure that phenotype, DNA, and pedigree with work in the toughest of environments. This ensures that we are complementing the strengths and supplementing the weaknesses of every cow. We don't subscribe to the bull of the month club. Every AI sire at Peteron Angus is chosen for his genetic merit in the real world. As we grow our herd, we strive to present large sire groups of full and half-brothers for you to choose from.

Total Health Program

All of our animals are on a complete vaccination program and ready to go. We BVD test all animals so you can buy with confidence.

First Season Breeding Guarantee

All bulls have passed a semen test and are guaranteed breeders for the first breeding season.

Commercial Heifer Development Options

We own several bulls that will work with great on heifers. If you have a breeding project and are in need of semen please let us know so we can discuss potential sires that would fit your operation.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery to our bull buyers (up to 1000 miles) or bring your trailer and receive a $100/hd discount on bulls.

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